Facebook email death may result in spam

Facebook Email DiesA little known feature of Facebook is the Facebook Email service they launched back in November 2010. Today, the @facebook.com service is biting the dust and Facebook has started to notify users that email sent to their @facebook.com address will be forwarded to their primary login email address instead. If you don’t have a primary email address, then don’t worry.

If you do have a primary email address then this change will provide a way for anyone who can find your facebook profile page’s URL to email your primary email address directly. This is quite easy.

For example, if your facebook profile page is http://facebook.com/johnsmith (sorry John!), then email sent to johnsmith@facebook.com will be forwarded straight to your primary email address! This may, or may not, open up a whole new source of spam.

Message Forwarding settings currently missing in the UK

Message Forwarding settings currently missing in the UK

Once Facebook enables the forwarding (we don’t know exactly when that will be yet) then you will probably want to pop over to your Facebook Messages page and disable forwarding. It looks like UK Facebook accounts at the moment don’t have a forwarding option in the messages screen (see opposite). I can only assume this will appear at some point so you can disable it.

The facebook email service has never really caught on. It’s not completely surprising, as it’s been a bit of a cinderella project from the get go. It never even allowed Cc, BCc or Subjects to be added to messages and always prioritised Facebook messages over other mail, creating further confusion. Back in 2012 they altered the way the system works to hide your primary email address, to help with privacy concerns, but this backfired and Facebook were accused of trying to force users to use its own messaging system. Very little development has taken place throughout it’s lifespan.



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