iOS7 : How to setup iPhone email for cPanel accounts

Setting up your iPad or iPhone email with a cPanel based hosting account is a manual process, but fortunately it’s fairly easy – although it does require a degree of concentration and patience.

Apple have vastly improved iOS7’s ability to setup iPhone mail with popular third party services like MS Exchange, Google Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and, but obviously they can’t be catering for every email service out there, so here’s how to configure your iPhone with the mail service typically found on cPanel hosting servers.

Still rocking iPhone 3 or 4? Get this PDF Guide to configure iOS4 iPhone for cPanel mail

If you find this process doesn’t work, then you have almost certainly made a mistake somewhere, or there is a connectivity issue between your phone and your cPanel server – In my dayjob as system admin, I constantly see people mistype various stages in this process – any one of which will result in failure, so read carefully 🙂

Step 1 – Tap the Settings icon from your Home screen


Step 2 – Tap Mail, Contact, Calendars


 Step 3 – Tap Add Mail Account


Step 4 – Tap Other


Step 5 – Make sure IMAP is selected (the default), and fill in the fields as follows:

  • Name : Enter your name as you would like your correspondents to see it.
  • Email : Enter the full mailbox address that you created in cPanel.
  • Description : Enter a friendly description for this mail account (this just helps you identify this account in amongst your other mail accounts).

Incoming & Outgoing Mail Server settings should be exactly the same as follows:

Click here to find how to determine your Host Name

Your hosting provider should be able to give you your server’s Host Name, but you can find it out using a couple of methods.

Method 1

You can usually find this by browsing to http://yourdomain/cpanel or http://yourdomain/webmail – If your hosting provider is security minded, this will redirect you to something like https://hostname:2083 or https://hostname:2096 – The hostname bit is your incoming and outgoing server’s Host Name.

Method 2

If you log into cpanel, then you can find the settings by clicking on the Email Accounts icon


then find the row of email accounts (you may only have one), and click the More button, then click Configure Email Client.


This will open the Mail Client Configuration screen, where you will find the information as marked below


  • Host Name : This will be the name of the server that hosts your cPanel account. See above.
  • Username : On cPanel servers this is always the full mailbox address.
  • Password : This is your mailbox password (not the cPanel account password!)

When you have done all that, tap Next (top right).


Step 6 – Turn off Notes

Turn off the Notes switch by tapping it, and tap Save


Step 7 – Configure more settings

You should now be returned to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen. Tap your new account entry.


Step 8 – Tap the account as shown


Step 9 – Tap Advanced settings


Step 10 – IMAP Path Prefix

Scroll to the bottom and enter IMAP for the IMAP Path Prefix


Step 11 – Set IMAP Mailbox Behaviours

This stage is important because otherwise your Sent, Drafts and Trash will be stored locally on your iPhone, and you won’t be able to see them when accessing your mailbox from another computer or webmail.

Start by tapping Sent Mailbox


Step 12 – Connect to correct IMAP folder

You will see that currently there is a little blue tick next to the Sent folder ON MY IPHONE. This causes no end of support calls! Just tap the Sent folder under ON THE SERVER.


After which you will be returned to the Advanced screen (Step 11) – repeat this process for the Drafts and Deleted folders, connecting them to the server’s Drafts and Trash folders respectively.

Step 13 – Unlucky if you forget it!

Once you are back to the Advanced screen, don’t forget to tap Account (top left) to return to the Account screen, and then tap Done (top right) otherwise your advanced settings won’t be saved.

That’s it – you’ve now configured your iPhone correctly for a cpanel email account.


4 Responses to iOS7 : How to setup iPhone email for cPanel accounts

  1. Darren Newell April 2, 2014 at 22:20 #

    Nice post- thanks! Went through all the steps but iPhone 5S says “Can not get mail” is not responding

    * this is the incoming/outgoing server in cpanel auto configure documentation

    Any ideas?

    Password is correct also


    • steve April 3, 2014 at 07:46 #

      Hi Darren… looks like doesn’t have a valid DNS entry. I can’t resolve it to an IP address from here. Check your hostname with your service provider 🙂

  2. Hugh October 23, 2014 at 11:57 #

    Great walk through – very easy to follow. Thanks!
    Step 10 – should read type INBOX, and for step 12 I had to go out into the mail section, check for emails, then head back to settings and voila, there was list below Inbox.

    Thanks very much again.

  3. Satyasish Rath July 4, 2015 at 08:45 #

    Thank you so much. Really great guidance.

    Thanks to Hugh too for clarifying Step 10.

    Thanks again.

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