iOS7 : How to block numbers on iPhone

There are few things more irritating when you are busy at work, or driving, or maybe just about to fall asleep and your phone goes. Of course, we could use the silent mode switch on the top left side of the phone, or use the new Do Not Disturb feature of iOS7. But sometimes, we want to receive important calls, and we get disturbed by a nuisance number.

On iOS7 it’s super easy to block numbers. Just go to your recent calls list and hit the little i button next to the number you want to block.

Select the nuisance number and tap the Info icon

Then simply scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap  Block this Caller.

If you ever decide you want to unblock numbers later on, then head back to your phone’s Home screen, and tap Settings > Phone > Blocked and you will see a list of the numbers you have blocked. To unblock a number simple top Edit (top right) and then tap the little red icon next to the corresponding number to delete it from the block list.



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