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DSO to SuPHP permissions problems and how to fix them

SuPHP is a CGI based handler for PHP, usually run using the suEXEC apache feature. This means that your PHP scripts are run using your linux user account’s privileges, but everything else is usually accessed using Apache’s anonymous account – usually called nobody Running PHP as DSO Apache module on the other hand runs both […]


cPanel : useful shell commands for web developers

cPanel offers a lovely graphical interface for managing your files and databases, but sometimes it lacks the flexibility and power to answer all of your problems. Many cPanel hosts can provide you with SSH access to your account. SSH offers a secure terminal session, also called a Command Line Interface (CLI), giving you access to […]

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Linux : Copy directory contents to another directory

Copying the contents of one directory into another sounds easy when you can drag and drop – but when you are faced with the command line, sometimes the simplest of things can become a headache. For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s assume our pretend file structure is as follows:

The way Linux expands […]