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cPanel : Pipe email script to extract attachments

If you want to automatically process images or other attachments that are sent to a mailbox address in your cPanel account, then you need look no further than the Pipe to Program option in the cPanel Forwarders screen. This is an often overlooked feature of cPanel accounts, probably because it’s not that easy to understand […]


cPanel : useful shell commands for web developers

cPanel offers a lovely graphical interface for managing your files and databases, but sometimes it lacks the flexibility and power to answer all of your problems. Many cPanel hosts can provide you with SSH access to your account. SSH offers a secure terminal session, also called a Command Line Interface (CLI), giving you access to […]


iOS7 : How to setup iPhone email for cPanel accounts

Setting up your iPad or iPhone email with a cPanel based hosting account is a manual process, but fortunately it’s fairly easy – although it does require a degree of concentration and patience. Apple have vastly improved iOS7’s ability to setup iPhone mail with popular third party services like MS Exchange, Google Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, […]