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Every kept a password on a postit note?

Seven ways to improve small business security

I’ve worked with many small businesses over the years, and it’s probably fair to say that most view I.T. expenditure as a necessary evil. While a growing number of e-commerce businesses take greater care, small business security is often woefully neglected. Small business security statistics The cost of allowing unwelcome guests into your business computers can be […]

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication Explained

Passwords are dead Despite almost weekly reports of major security breeches single passwords still protect the majority of online accounts. At the last count, I had over 150 various online accounts protected by nothing more than a username and password. Is this sufficient? Ask anyone who works in the field of information security and in […]

Linux Ninja Tux

Chmod explained – Linux file permissions for beginners

If you have spent any time dealing with Linux based web hosting then you will almost certainly had encountered the term chmod. Chmod is a linux command and is an abbreviation of change mode. Chmod explained – Understanding permissions The mode is described by three or four octal (0 to 7) digits e.g. 0000 to […]


The Domain Name System Explained

Domain Name System DNS Explained – A brief history Computers that are attached to the internet are each identified by unique IP addresses in order that messages can be routed correctly between them. IP addresses are numeric in nature (e.g., and are rather like telephone numbers insofar that they are not particularly easy to […]