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How to add USB 3 to a Mac Pro for under 25 quid

USB 3.0 was added to the 2013 Mac Pro. For the rest of us, who are still rocking the older gear, adding a dedicated USB 3.0 card isn’t something Apple want to offer. There are a few of dedicated USB 3.0 cards for the Mac Pro, such as HighPoint RocketU 4-Port 1144C at an eye […]


Improve Time Machine performance with Big Bands

It may sound like some bizarre fusion between Duke Ellington and H.G.Wells, but, if you use a Time Machine via a NAS, Airport Extreme, or Airport Time Capsule (rather than a directly connected external drive), then you’ve probably experienced painfully slow time machine performance after several months of use. Time Machine backups are stored inside […]


Batch convert iPhoto Videos to MP4

Exporting videos from iPhoto is quite easy – just create a smart album to filter out your movies, then select the movies you want, and go to File > Export… and export the movies in their current formats. However, if you want to convert your videos into a consistent format that will play on your […]


Top 10 ways to maximise iPhone battery life

iPhone battery life in iOS7 depends on many factors, including how far away you are from cellular masts, or WiFi access points. You can’t really do much about that, other than to stand closer to one (don’t forget your tin foil hat!). But you can do several things to the configuration of your phone to […]

LokiWare Attachment Tamer

OSX : Force to show attachments as icons

Mac has a really annoying habit of displaying attachments inline When viewing email messages, instead of a simple icon you find the contents of your attachments are displayed. It’s particularly annoying when you want to print a short email, which has a huge PDF or image attached to it. You can right click the […]


iOS7 : How to setup iPhone email for cPanel accounts

Setting up your iPad or iPhone email with a cPanel based hosting account is a manual process, but fortunately it’s fairly easy – although it does require a degree of concentration and patience. Apple have vastly improved iOS7’s ability to setup iPhone mail with popular third party services like MS Exchange, Google Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, […]


iOS7 : How to block numbers on iPhone

There are few things more irritating when you are busy at work, or driving, or maybe just about to fall asleep and your phone goes. Of course, we could use the silent mode switch on the top left side of the phone, or use the new  feature of iOS7. But sometimes, we want to receive […]


Mac OSX : How to burn an ISO image to a USB key

If you have tried to create a bootable USB key from an  image in Mac OSX using Disk Utility then you have probably encountered the frustrating and almost Windows-like cryptic error message “Could not validate source – Invalid argument” error. Looking in the system log via the  app I suspect this is because internally  tries […]