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WordPress Two Factor authentication with Duo Security

Single factor authentication is a risky business. It relies solely on something-you-know. If someone else obtains that information, then they can authenticate into your system. Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) relies on something-you-know AND (usually) something-you-have. The something-you-have (normally a phone, or dongle from the bank) provides a second authentication token that changes constantly. Without being in […]


WordPress : Password protect wp-admin directory and wp-login.php and why

Hardening WordPress by adding both wp-login.php AND wp-admin password protection is a great way to protect your website from hackers. But isn’t it safe enough if I use a strong password on the standard wp-admin login? Well, yes, from a brute force attempt, but single factor authentication (simple username and password) means that there’s only […]


WordPress : Pass custom variable as URL parameter

Sometimes you need a simple way of passing a custom URL variable to WordPress. WordPress has to be quite organised in this respect as it passes a lot of arguments back and forth, so unless you want to grub around directly with the  array, then this solution is a little more elegant. The first thing […]


WordPress : Keep excerpt shortcode contents

Have you found that WordPress strips excerpt shortcodes in your blog posts? The excerpt is a special field associated with each WordPress post intended to provide a teaser. However, managing a separate excerpt for every blog post can become tedious, so WordPress offers a way of providing an excerpt on the fly by taking the […]