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Bypass or Disable error – Server has a weak, ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key

Sometimes when browser vendors try to help make the world more secure, they actually cause more inconvenience that necessary. Recently both Firefox and Chrome/Chromium stopped supporting weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public keys – this was in the hope of mitigating the LogJam attack that surfaced a few months ago. The problem is that many industry standard bits […]

ODF deals a blow to OOXML

UK Government open document format proposals could save you money

Open Source Software – unless you knew already – is a term used to describe software that is essentially free to use. This has traditionally sets many a preconception alight in the minds of business owners – often along the lines of “it’s free for a reason” – i.e. no good. This prejudice against open […]


Apple finally patch Gotofail bug in OSX 10.9.2

Apple have today released the update that users of OSX Mavericks have been waiting for since Friday. While iOS devices were covered by the earlier iOS 7.0.6 patch, the OSX 10.9.2 update was only released a few hours ago, finally protecting Apple desktop machines running Mavericks. Just click on the Apple icon (top left) of […]


Facebook email death may result in spam

A little known feature of Facebook is the Facebook Email service they launched back in November 2010. Today, the service is biting the dust and Facebook has started to notify users that email sent to their address will be forwarded to their primary login email address instead. If you don’t have a primary email […]


iOS Update covers critical Apple iOS and OSX SSL vulnerability

Apple has released an iOS update for iOS6 and iOS7, the operating system used by iPhone and iPad devices. Due to what looks like a programmers typo a serious flaw has been revealed in the way SSL connections are verified. This is no small thing as security bugs go, and Apple are undoubtedly highly embarrassed […]

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Android exploit threatens millions of phones

An exploit for a vulnerability in Android versions prior to 4.2 (Ice Cream Sandwich) that affects around 70% of all Android devices has now been published with the Metasploit penetration testing framework. Metasploit is a tool used by security specialists when testing the security of software and operating systems. It’s also free, which means that […]